Posiflex stand stool

When support counts!

exemple-assis The Posiflex stand stool is designed to enhance comfort and allow ease of movements when workers are standing up in a near stationary position.
This patented concept offers dynamic and safe support.

Supermarket cashiers, bank tellers, hotel customer service attendee, factory workers, are all examples where the Posiflex stand stool would contribute to better work condition and company productivity.

Outstanding benefits

The stand stool:
aids in the reduction of pressure on the lower back, the legs and feet;
helps keep the back straight;
favors regular blood flow;
allows operator to lean and stand up rapidly;
can be used in restricted space;
offers simple installation and easy removed;
safe: slip resistant, controlled forward tilt.

  • Features
  • Clinical study

  • Stability and mobility
    Increases stability by distributing weight on a third axis. User moves easily as if he was standing up;
  • Comfort
    Non-skid upholstered seat with a 7° forward angle. The rolled edge prevents slipping;
  • Height adjustment and rotation
    360° rotation and pneumatic height adjustment;
  • Foot rest
    Can be used with or without foot rest;


  • Quick standing up position
    Bench position is held by a mechanism when user stands up: allows quick standing up position;
  • Simple and quick installation
    Anchor covered by anti-fatigue matting;
  • Sturdy and light
    Aluminum built, supports 136 kg (300 lbs). Compact, requires minimal space;
  • Safe
    Sturdy lateral movements, prevent fall back.

A laboratory study was performed at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in the ergonomic department by Denis Marchand PhD, in order to measure the haemoglobin arterial saturation in the standing position and the sit-stand position with an integrated foot rest.

The results demonstrated that after only 20 minutes of holding a standing position, there was a decrease in the concentration of oxygen in the lower limbs. However, not with standing, the lying down reference condition, only the sit-stand position with the use of a foot rest would allow to keep the oxygen conteint higher than the 95 % reference bench mark for 20 minutes.

graphique-en Mesure the physiological advantages associated with the use of a sit-stand device with integrated foot rest.

Study done by Denis Marchand, PhD, UQAM, ergonomic department.


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