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What is the Posiflex difference ?

The Posiflex clinical stool is the result of three years of research and clinical studies.

The Free Motion Elbow Supports are designed to follow the natural body movement in order to prevent and reduce back, shoulders and neck muscular tension while doing precision work in restrained area. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of the mobile elbow supports significantly helps reduce the intensity of muscular contraction to the arms and shoulders while favoring a good posture.

Made in Canada from high quality materials to offer you comfort and durability.

Ergonomic oval shaped seat with multiple adjustments
Based on a fundamental ergonomic principle which is to allow operator to change position without restricting movements and to favor blood circulation.

Lumbar support with multiple adjustments
Matches the lower back curve (lordosis) to give support at all time during procedures.

Ultracomfort option
Multilayers of firm and viscoelastic foam on seat and back rest to reduce pressure points and increase comfort.

  • Features
  • Clinical study

  • Adjustable heights
    Adjustable seat and back heights.
  • Adjustable lumbar support
    Adjustable back angle provides lumbar support.
  • Adjustable seat angle
    The seat angle adjustment eliminates pressure on the legs.


  • Stability
    Five-legged base in black nylon resin for good stability.
  • Durability
    Soft wheels designed for hard surfaces.
  • Choose your color
    Wide color range of non-porous antibacterial vinyl.


Build your Posiflex stool.

posiflex1 posiflex2 posiflex3 posiflex4 posiflex5
2 elbow supports
regular cylinder
1 elbow support
regular cylinder
without elbow support
regular cylinder
2 elbow supports
regular cylinder
circular foot ring
2 elbow supports
long cylinder
circular foot ring

cylinder choice
Choice of cylinder length :

regular cylinder : h min. 35,8cm (16 inch) • h max. 53,3cm (21 inch)
long cylinder : h min. 53,3cm (21 inch) • h max. 72,4cm (28,5 inch)
extra long cylinder : h min. : 58,4 cm (23 po) • h max. : 77,4 cm (30,5 po)

h = height from floor to the top of the seat


Posiflex saddle stool

selle-ps3 selle-ps36
Features :
  • With lumbar support to relieve lower back tension;
  • Lumbar and seat angle with 2 independent levers;
  • Designed for precision work in small area;
  • Universal design for women and men;
  • Optimal comfort with moulded seat that favors proper ventilation;
  • Height : 54,6 cm (21,5 po) min x 73,7 cm (29 po) max;
  • Non-porous antibacterial vinyl (see Naugasoft or Ultraleather charts)

Other available models

chaise1  chaise2  chaise3  tabouret1  tabouret2

Dental work requires precise and controlled movements, often causing the body to adopt static and awkward positions which can strain the neck, back and shoulder muscles. Over a certain period of time, an inadequate posture can cause discomfort, pain and many illnesses (tendinitis, bursitis, etc.)

The clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of the Free Motion Elbow Supports by dental hygienists significantly reduced the intensity of muscular contractions in the arms and shoulders. By helping dental hygienists realize they were always working with their arms in the air, the use of gel padded mobile elbow supports also helped them adopt a more comfortable and secure work posture.

Even when the arms appear to be relaxed along the body, shoulder and upper back muscles must contract in order to maintain the stability required by the precise work of the hands. The Free Motion Elbow Supports provide adequate support to the arms while providing full range horizontal motion. Since the shape of the elbow is moulded by the soft cushion, the support system easily follows the user’s movements.

Average percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC)
with and without Free Motion Elbow Supports
for the upper trapezius muscles.

Studies on posture have shown that Posiflex not only supports the arms, but also promotes the adoption of safer and healthier work positions. For example, by using the support for the left trapezius, muscle stress is reduced by approximately 50%.

The average motor unit potential (MUP) of the upper trapezius muscles with and without Free Motion Elbow Supports. The safe limit MUP limit is 5%; the elbow rests make it possible to achieve, or come very close to this limit.

Clinical studies performed by ASSTSAS (Association for health and safety in the workplace, social affairs sector),UQAM (Quebec University in Montreal) and IRSST (Work place health and safety research institute).



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    Phone : 819-212-0720
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    works directly with industrial and institutional customers such as, schools, universities, hospitals, Work Person Compensation, the military, etc.
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