• Performance
    through comfort

    Muscular fatigue is not mandatory to accomplish your work!
    It is now possible to reduce and prevent muscular fatigue in the work place.
    At Posiflex, we design and manufacture innovative ergonomic equipment that increases safety and wellness. Our Free Motion Elbow Supports, stools and chairs do just that!
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  • Posiflex, the technology that cares!

    Clinically proven: the Free Motion Elbow Supports contribute to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal disorders. This unique design allows free flow that matches natural body movements. Posiflex will increase COMFORT, SAFETY and PRODUCTIVITY of the highly trained professionals in many fields. You can add Posiflex to most chairs.
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  • Standing up all day long at work?

    The Posiflex UpRight stand stool is designed to enhance comfort and allow ease of movements when workers are standing up in a near stationary position.It aids in the reduction of pressure on the lower back, the legs and feet. It also helps keep the back straight and favors regular blood flow.
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Imagine working with complete freedom of motion but without exertion in your neck, back, shoulders and legs muscles. If you love what you are doing and want to continue in a safe and comfortable way, contact us. At Posiflex Design, we create life changing innovation that will have you feeling your best and performing your best—guaranteed!